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Roadkill Reporter Release Notes

Version Changes
  • Fix Esri JS map click bug.
  • Fix bug preventing the user id from being sent with data entered via the app.
  • Add clarification text to app title and link to UDOT Click'n fix app (#18).
  • Add UDOT Contracted Routes layer to map (#19).
  • Replace route/milepost data filter custom backend with UDOT service (#20).
  • Fix bug in Chrome that prevented the admin page from loading.
  • Fix background and milepost layers.
  • Increase size of map in data entry page and allow for map click to define location.
  • Fix route/milepost data filter.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect projections in data entry page when entering UTM coordinates.
  • Switch to web mercator.
  • Upgrade all libraries to their latest releases.
  • Add a home button to the user admin page.
  • Update Google Analytics code
  • Upgrade to use webapi instead of WSUT
  • Upgrades to esri/dojo and other apis
  • Upgraded user management system
  • Backend build improvements
  • Upgraded desktop app ESRI JS API to 3.8 and back end server to 10.2.
  • Upgraded desktop app to Bootstrap 3.0.3.
  • Switched desktop to using the LoginRegister widget and ArcGISPermissionProxy.
  • Switched mobile app to hit ArcGISPermissionProxy.
  • Upgraded project structure to match latest AGRC Boilerplate.
  • Split out ROUTE_MILEPOST field to be ROUTE, ROUTE_DIR and MILEPOST fields.
  • Fixed bug with the app displaying the incorrect time for reports.
  • Fixed a bug preventing mobile users from logging into the desktop map page.
  • Added RESPONDER_EMAIL, RESPONDER_AGENCY, RESPONDER_NAME, & WMU fields to the reports feature class. These fields should now show up in the pop-up on the map as well as the data that is downloaded as either shapefile or .dbf file.
  • Created script that runs nightly to auto-populate: RESPONDER_EMAIL, RESPONDER_AGENCY, RESPONDER_NAME, ROUTE_MILEPOST, UDWR_REGION, UDOT_REGION, HIGHWAY_ROAD, & WMU. Please note that these fields will not be populated for new reports until the day after they are submitted to the database.
  • Added a new filter to the "Data Filter" pane that allows you to filter the data by one or more user email addresses.
  • Added UDOT Mileposts as a map layer.
  • Added WMU as a map background layer.
  • Fixed bug with Chrome freezing when zooming multiple levels at one time.
  • Moved all calls to https to get rid of unsecured content warnings.
  • Optimized the filter by Route/Milepost segment server side script. It should work significantly faster now.
  • Fixed bug with route/milepost filter when using '0' as the from milepost.
  • Fixed issue with Chrome freezing on the map page.
  • Fixed issue with the map not displaying all of the points that fall within the selected date range.
  • Refined log in process.
  • Move project to production server and point at wvc.mapserv.utah.gov.
  • Implemented new UserManagement service.
  • Changed name from "Roadkill Reporter" to "Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reporter"
  • Fixed bug related to points recorded far from any roads.
  • Added Wildlife Fencing layer to map.
  • Added ability to enter UTM coordinates on data entry page.
  • Removed most placeholder text.
  • Refined pane stack on map page.
  • Removed Mitigation page.
  • Added Wildlife Crossings layer.
  • Added SSL to entire site.
  • Added ability to filter by route, from and to mileposts.
  • Added Species Chart to map sidebar.
  • Added Print to PDF function to map.
  • Data Entry page is now working. You can now manually submit reports.
  • Added text and image to the home page.
  • Added footer to all pages.
  • Added download and filter functionality to "Download" page.
  • Fixed flash of instyled content on map page.
  • Added Download Data widget to map page.
  • Added gender, age class, and region filters.
  • Fixed some bugs with user authentication.
  • Added authentication functionality.
  • Fixed point clustering bugs.
  • Added the ability to filter by one or more species.
  • Added loader to map page.
  • Popup now works better with point clustering.
  • Re-worked the background layers controls.
  • Added release notes page.
  • Added point clustering to prevent overlaps.
  • Added the beginnings of the Data Filter widget. You can only filter by report date currently.
  • Refined popup that displays after clicking on a report.
  • Loaded data from old database. There are now over 25,000 reports in the database.
  • Upgraded bootstrap to 1.3.0 and ESRI JSAPI to 2.5