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If you would like to report an animal carcass location for pick up, please use UDOT Click'n Fix.

Utah Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Data Collector (For State Employees and Contractors)


The Utah Wildlife-Vehicle Collision (WVC) Data Collector is a smartphone-based system for reporting animals that have been involved in vehicle collisions. Using this website, animal carcass locations can be viewed on maps that display geographic, highway, and other background information.

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Who is collecting the data?

Animal carcass locations are reported by Utah Department of Transportation contactors that that remove carcasses from ~1,200 miles of roads throughout the state. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources employees also report animal carcasses on many highways not covered by Utah Department of Transportation contractors.

What data is collected?

Animal carcasses are reported by technicians in the field using smartphones and the "Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reporter Mobile App".

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How is the data used?

Animal carcass data is used in a variety of ways to make highways safer for drivers and wildlife.

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